Our mission is simply to inspire you. To inspire, can be a very broad comment but we hope to inspire you to follow your dreams whether it be in the world of business, fashion, and/or art; be a greater you; and of course encourage both believers and unbelievers to heed the message of redemption to the God of the Bible.
The brand name Yhuwdah, derives from the Hebrew spelling of the word Judah. The meaning of the word comes from one of the many meaning, which is praise.
We are incorporated in Killeen Texas (2010). However, our first boutique is physically located in the Middle East (Kuwait).
No other categories of apparel will be released this year other than fitness apparel. Yhuwdah FIT is the brand name of our fitness apparel. And the word FIT in Yhuwdah FIT stands for Faith. In. Trinity. Which is a play on the foundation of the brand’s existence, which is the belief in Jesus Christ and his wisdom as displayed in the Bible.
We currently aren’t in any physical boutiques and/or stores at the moment within the United States. We are indeed running a boutique in Kuwait (Camp Arifjan/Middle East) and are looking for to enter many more boutiques (both online and physical) this year.
We are currently looking to launch a small fitness collection along with sports/commuting bags, Yhuwdah FIT Workout programs, and children attire (2014/2015).


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